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It hasn't any effect ,Why ?

first post: cxr8809 wrote: I have configured Thumbnail extender.But it doesn't work at all( It...

latest post: Cheungxin wrote: [Thumbnail](http://www.rasteredge.com/dotnet-imaging/thumbnail/) [E...

No effect after adding web part

first post: westronman wrote: Hi I have added the web part to my results page however does it ma...

Thumbnail Extender for SharePoint

first post: TusharShinde wrote: Hello, I have generated the thumbnail for word documents using Mo...

Thumbnail Extender use

first post: jfloupe wrote: Bonjour, j'ai downloadé le WSP, je l'ai ajouté ave...

latest post: ssandu wrote: Web part for search works with FAST Search Center ?

Unable to connect to the remote server

first post: abdagire wrote: I have configured Thumbnail extender.Everything works fine but I ge...

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